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About Us


The CHX came first. 


Our story begins with the shared love of all the finer things in life. 


CHX was born when we decided to put our tender loving care to give the world the finest chicken tenders ever made. 


Growing up in Minneapolis with international influences our founders found themselves seeking out the best food they could find. Period. 


The strong passion for the kitchen and culture of fried chicken n biscuits led to the formation of Project CHX. A concept born of the need for a go-to chicken joint in the heart of Minneapolis for the people.

Straight outta the Coup.


CHX first brick and mortar location was organically formed around the original community from which it was born. 


From quite literally the ashes of a hurting city, in the summer of 2020, during the tragedy of George Floyd and a worldwide pandemic, we brought CHX out of the coup and into the streets. 


Our first location in Uptown, MPLS located in the center of the action opened its walk up window in July of 2020.