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Tender Lovin' Care

CHX does things differently.


At CHX, we're focused on bringing the best quality chicken tenders directly from our kitchen to you.

From our hand-breaded tenders to our secret sauce, everything we make is prepared fresh in-house.

Because, that's what we'd expect from the best chicken joint in town.

Speaking of our secret sauce, some people call it the elixir of the gods. 

We're not sharing the recipe anytime soon, but if you like to get lost in the sauce like we do, you're going to absolutely love our CHX sauce.

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Are you willing to risk it for the biscuit?  Our honey buttermilk biscuit is the star of the show.

You've never had anything like it and you'll wonder how you've made it this far without having it.

Seriously, our biscuits are great.